Why leave free money on the table? Hurry up and reserve your spot for the EEI SAT/PSAT prep online classes for the SUMMER 2022 academic school year. The program has helped hundreds of students to improve their SAT/PSAT scores and get hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships. The summer program is a fast paced program engaging students preparing to take PSAT/SAT test during the upcoming academic year this fall and spring 2023.

We are proud to help students increase their PSAT/SAT scores achieving academic excellence. Many many students have gone to receive full or free ride through their entire academic journey. We would like to extend the same academic success to your child. Go ahead and sign up your child for the EEI summer 2022 PSAT/SAT program. 

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EEI Fall SAT/PSAT prep session starts on Monday, June 6, 2022.  Here is the calendar for the EEI SAT/PSAT SUMMER 2022 special session calendar. Please download and mark your calendar. EEI has added optional Chemistry and College Admissions Essay writing workshops; though we strongly encourage all students to attend these sessions to derive maximum academic benefit.

Why EEI?

SAT is one of the factors that colleges consider when making their admission decisions.
Colleges and Universities offer tons of merit scholarships to incoming freshmen with higher SAT scores.

Challenges Facing Our Next Generation

  • Increased competition for university admissions.
  • Rising tuition costs and fees.
  • Complex socio-economic issues for minority communities.

EEI aims to provide the community-based, grass root initiatives to High School students within our community with practical academic support and preparation in PSAT/SAT/ACT testing. In addition, EEI offers free Chemistry class for high school students. In 2016, EEI added 5th grade to our middle school math program.


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